My work explores the self described act of “speculative mapping”: the study of daydreaming. I am restless and continuously become lost in my fantasies. By collecting, organizing, and storing absentmindedness, I look for the marks my mind makes as it wanders. Lost thoughts, forgotten ideas and idle wandering leave traces in the everyday world. I seek to catalog all these tangents and chart them, revealing unrecognized desires, disregarded aspirations, and the useless drivel that populates the mind.

    My daydreams revolve around a desire for an escape to the sea. As a child, my dad sailed aboard container ships, leaving me fixated on the unknown nature of the traumatically deep ocean. There is no way I can conceive of its magnitude, so stacked accumulated material, models, lists and doodles act as fragments and abstractions that stand in for the unfathomable sea. Mapping these speculations involves parsing them out and categorizing them within cabinets and DIY shelving. The sea is vast and uncontainable, but my mind cannot fathom this immensity so my hard, square, finite furniture pieces act as a frame, attempting to encapsulate and compress the ocean into single articulations.

    I’m drawn to materials that are at-hand. Oftentimes spontaneously discovered, scrap pieces of wood, plastic tarps, zipties, foam, cardboard, ratchet straps, tape, and dollies speak to my everyday environment. This forgotten, left behind, or devalued matter is all around us, laying on the side of the road, in attic spaces and at the back of sheds. These are all spaces that encourage exploring and imagining. Tucked away, they influence us subconsciously as part of our material backdrop in physical, psychological, and emotional ways. 

     These materials help to recreate these speculative spaces, emphasizing a lack of closure and neatly finished completeness. Hinting at stories of adventure that inspire embarking into the unknown, I assemble scenes of arranged furniture, organization of material and the placement of hand-written notes on paper and artworks.